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Infinity exists regardless of mankind's ability to conceptualize it.

Thought experiment:

Let's say we figuratively put everything in existence into a box. In order for that box to take shape as a 6 sided construct, we have essentially created boundaries to what is inside the box and what is outside the box.

What is outside the box is the continuation of infinity whether it be infinite solid, space or matter interspersed with space.

Infinity therefore cannot be bounded and cannot be measured. No limit exists as well as no point of origin. Infinity has always been infinite.

Now due to the universal truth that is infinity and I say that to mean that we can always trust infinity to be the quality of infinite, we can then know that infinity is a quality that can be applicable to an infinite number of qualities.

Infinitely large
Infinitely small
Infinite time
Infinite space
Infinite matter
Infinite levels of intelligence or life forms
Infinite forms of energy
On and on because infinity has room for everything.

Infinity has its concept and function in mathematics, but I think infinity proves itself to exist in the physical realm as well.

If infinity is limited, then educate me on the word that is that which is beyond infinity. If this is so, then our definition of infinity is incorrect.

Thank you

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  • May 1 2013: Before we are to debate deities, gods, or god we need to be able to source a universal truth. Faith is not a universal truth. Though my definition of infinity includes the infinite possibility of god like figures, it is then to be debated as to how a god figure (the word figure being used loosely) is to exist in accordance with the definition of infinity.

    Some simply say that god is infinity, or that god is infinite, but that god doesn't exist within infinity for that would mean that god is somehow bounded by that which is unbounded.

    I've had this debate before with creationists and once they realized that the definition of infinity put into question their beliefs of the biblical god and their timeline of 6000 years, they stopped arguing and basically resorted back to their faith as being the ultimate truth.

    I am not an atheist, but I am a seeker of truth in my life.
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      May 1 2013: Hi Mark.
      You need to educate me. If the universe is 14 billion, or 6000 years old, what difference does it make to our idea of infinity ? If I live to 80, that will be unaffected by me spending a week skydiving.

      The bible speaks of an infinite God who manufactured this universe for the specific purpose of raising children. When that is accomplished he will no doubt do something else; ad infinitum. The time taken to manufacture a universe is a side issue; especially as it is beginning to look as if time itself was manufactured at the same time (?).

      • May 1 2013: Our universe is but one of infinity. Using the box analogy, our universe is but one box of everything we have observed and know to be. Outside of that box are more universes.

        Imagine an infinite pool of bubbles, some are popping into existence, some popping out of existence. This provides localized time lines of space/time to each bubble. The bubbles expand and contract but infinity remains infinite.

        Our observable universe is roughly 14 billion years old and is expanding from a point of origin. That's fine and is concurrent with my definition of infinity. What is not fine is a 6000 year old universe. Our knowledge of the speed of light and dead stars light reaching us, radiometric and carbon dating, ice cores, geological strata, fossils and on and on all point to a much older existence.
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          May 2 2013: Your imagination is admirable, but no more relevant than anyone else's. I cannot have faith in imagination, I need some facts. All talk of multiverses & infinity is out with our comprehension, so it is a matter of faith with very little in the way of fact.
          Your estimate of the age of the earth is based on current majority scientific opinion. This is not surprising, as that is what is currently taught in our schools & pushed on our media. However it has little to do with infinity that I can tell.
          You mention your antagonism for Creationism several times; why not just have an "Age of the Earth" conversation, & be done with it. I am still intrigued as to why you think the idea of infinity trumps the YEC's argument.

      • May 7 2013: Peter,
        I'm probably not in a position to educate you, nor anyone else. For me infinity is endless; a concept we humans find troublesome. To admit endless and not able to see the results thereof, is to admit limits of capability and knowledge. How can anyone form an absolute opinion while not seeing infinity? Only Absolute Original Mind knows all and sees all while simultaneously omnipotent. How can man explain anything else.

        On the worldwide stage people say in many different ways, endless and unlimited are God!

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