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The "family" is the most over-rated, hypocritical social structure that we have. The roots of most social ills lie within the family

Inequality, gender bias, favouritism, abuse, fanaticism. White-washing and "fakebooking".
Look closely at your own and say it is free from any or all of this.
Blessed is the person who can put her/his hand on their heart and say - my family is not any of these things.


Closing Statement from Ishika Ghose

The first person who must learn is I myself! Insight.
I must try and learn from this "conversation" how to put my "question/idea" in a way in which most people can understand the question first ---- without taking offence, becoming defensive or analysing my reasons for questioning.

What was also interesting and partly expected were the very very angry responses I had from one of the earlier contributors Edward Long.There were times when I felt I had offended him personally.

The idea per se has not evolved/changed in any way as a result of this conversation.
Perhaps because I was looking for more people who would accept the idea itself rather than ask for solutions simultaneously.

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  • May 5 2013: Mary what a great way of putting it - "some of us do not know we have the choice of changing who we are".

    Thank you.
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      May 6 2013: I said that from the bottom of my heart.....because I had to come to this knowledge the hard way....like many of us.

      I feel priviledged to have exchanged thoughts with you Ishika.

      Be Well,

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