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The "family" is the most over-rated, hypocritical social structure that we have. The roots of most social ills lie within the family

Inequality, gender bias, favouritism, abuse, fanaticism. White-washing and "fakebooking".
Look closely at your own and say it is free from any or all of this.
Blessed is the person who can put her/his hand on their heart and say - my family is not any of these things.


Closing Statement from Ishika Ghose

The first person who must learn is I myself! Insight.
I must try and learn from this "conversation" how to put my "question/idea" in a way in which most people can understand the question first ---- without taking offence, becoming defensive or analysing my reasons for questioning.

What was also interesting and partly expected were the very very angry responses I had from one of the earlier contributors Edward Long.There were times when I felt I had offended him personally.

The idea per se has not evolved/changed in any way as a result of this conversation.
Perhaps because I was looking for more people who would accept the idea itself rather than ask for solutions simultaneously.

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  • May 2 2013: Good morning.

    I am going to try and clarify once more what I am trying to propose.
    Repetitive but necessary.

    The idea is that we tend to say a lot of things are going wrong in this world because of societal "evils".
    I believe that "societal" evils have its roots within the family. That's where it starts and not the other way around.

    I have been a part of many families other than my own genetic one.

    I am not proposing in this conversation to "replace" the family.
    I am not going to even bother to respond to personal accusations of what my "personal anger" etc is or is not about.
    I am not offering solutions as to how to rear children etc.

    I am asking people to examine their own families and say they are free from this at the family level TO START WITH.

    The comments so far, seem to be bringing the responses I thought they might. Anger, defensiveness, solutions offered to me for being "happy". May I clarify that I am not looking for solutions.
    The defensiveness is not surprising.

    As someone wisely said many years ago "hypocrisy is the cement of society"

    Thank you Samir for being perhaps the one person who appears to understand what I am trying to say. Must look at those advertisements you mentioned.
    Adelo and Heather you too understand.
    Heather I shall look for the book "Forsaking the family". Thank you.

    Edward the idea is that Societal ills are only family ills magnified. That the family is where it starts.

    TED takes twenty four hours before they decide that the idea proposed is worth posting as an idea. Thank goodness I do not need a critical mass of approval before I propose an idea

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