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Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?

I am an environmental Literature student, and I am interested in people's responses about the constitution of Nature, Technology, and the relationship that is apparently slowly being degraded with Nature.

All responses are welcome.


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  • May 24 2013: I believe it does in a way, not in every way but in some way. Technology destroys our relationship with nature in a couple of ways. These are not in any order, importance or severity, but here are a few examples. Nature is not sacred anymore. Some things in nature are almost a nuisance. There is a campaign to eliminate coqui frog from the islands of Hawaii. We disturb the natural habitats of many creatures and when things get out hand, we punish them.
    We used to live off the land and were in touch with the soil, and we were in touch with our livestock, but now some of our food is grown and bred in laboratories, by a few people, and the rest of us have made a relationship with the grocery store. Today some kids don’t know that potatoes are from the ground, and pecans grow on trees, and strawberries are not from ice-cream and yoghurt (my wife is a dietitian and makes presentation in schools).
    Before watches were made, people used to be able to tell the time simply by looking at the sun. They used to be able to understand the weather by noting the position of the moon, movement of the wind and behavior of the birds. Meteorologists are the only ones who show interests in this natural relationship, and the rest of us have developed a lasting relationship with the weather channel on TV. I don’t remember the last time I lay on the ground to look at the stars. I can see a good portion of the galaxy on online videos.
    Exploration is now a thing of the past. Why would I waste my time, spend a lot of money and inconvenience myself by visiting Yellowstone park, the grand canyon or the alps when I can simply view stunning images of these places on my iphone, ipad, or discovery channel. I think one has to be proactive and creative and take the initiative to maintain one’s sense of discovery and relationship with nature. So I think technology has stolen some of our passion and relationship with nature.

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