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Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?

I am an environmental Literature student, and I am interested in people's responses about the constitution of Nature, Technology, and the relationship that is apparently slowly being degraded with Nature.

All responses are welcome.


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    May 24 2013: All the animal population except that of humans, would probably be larger in count, and yet it seems the problem of imbalance with nature does not arise in their world. Put humans into picture and the scenery changes. With the so-called development and human evolution, especially over the last three hundred odd years of insane technological gains, we seem to have crossed the limits. Now we do not live on earth in harmony with nature, but are trying to control the so many factors. While we do so, we first exploit nature, then we try to access the harm it caused and then we try to find ways to restore the balance... which in turn imbalances something else...because everything we use today is made in a factory somewhere on this planet... and this factory again uses/exploits the resources available to its own advantage.

    Well, leave one neighbourhood without human intervention for ten years and you would find nature to have restored the balance there.

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