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Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?

I am an environmental Literature student, and I am interested in people's responses about the constitution of Nature, Technology, and the relationship that is apparently slowly being degraded with Nature.

All responses are welcome.


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    May 13 2013: When we think of technology, we tend to think of something prevalent in our life, such as the internet, automobiles and nuke plants. And most of those require energy in forms of electricity, heat, nuclear materials, or whatever forms that can be used to produce energy. These energy resources are associated with nature, and by trying to extract energy from natural products, we are blowing up nature. Destroying nature is just a side effect of using technology. However, some researchers are attempting to develop new promising technologies (like artificial photosynthesis) that can provide energy without compromising nature protection.

    As many people have pointed out, we humans have considerably degraded our relationship with nature by using technology. But in this overpopulated situation where the global population seems to be reaching or possibly have excessed the earth's capacity, it is also technology that may potentially enable us to save our planet and rebuild a new relationship with nature.

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