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Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?

I am an environmental Literature student, and I am interested in people's responses about the constitution of Nature, Technology, and the relationship that is apparently slowly being degraded with Nature.

All responses are welcome.


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  • May 5 2013: My answer for this is No and yes . Technology if used in a right way and proportion can not have any negative effect .
    • May 5 2013: Exactly, Owais, it's all about finding the balance... like in everything!
      Makes me wonder, if technology is destroying our relationship with the arts? Or is this changing the subject completely...
      • May 6 2013: it depends on the way we wanna to take this question as: destruction of Man's Nature or Nature itself.
        There is no doubt that only due to Man's Nature (spirit) it has some sort of relationship with the outside Nature.
        When someone try to disturb this inner nature then spirit wanders for bliss and love to have some more comfortable place which we call as piece of mind.
        Technology has no doubt made our interaction with our inner being much more effective. The thousand of songs releasing all over the world please our soul. And there is no problem with this. Its make our bonding with our place much more interesting and strong.
        Only with this inner Nature the outside Nature is dependent. NOT OTHER WAY.
        When innovation decline and overconsumption of fuels rise then it creates problem which needs to checked by our respective governments.

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