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Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?

I am an environmental Literature student, and I am interested in people's responses about the constitution of Nature, Technology, and the relationship that is apparently slowly being degraded with Nature.

All responses are welcome.


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    May 2 2013: I think one of the biggest problems is technology makes us think so fast and we are used to mass quantities of input to our brains. When you have a relationship with nature you have to slow down & have patience. The answers don't come to you. One has to think and engage. Our society is giant stepping away from this kind of thinking. It's really sad.
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      May 2 2013: Hi Jessica,

      I suggest that technology does not "make" us do anything. We always have a choice to engage with technology, with nature, or both. If we can find the balance that works for us as individuals, perhaps both nature and technology can work together?

      I believe they CAN work together, and it is demonstrated all the time. Technology is educating us more about how the body/mind systems work, for example. When there is more information available, about our natural functions, we can understand more about ourselves.

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