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What are the consequences of rapidly inroducing communication technology in developing nations?

Nowadays a lot of social media have developed and changed the world. It can be seen from arab spring that continuing till today and from Africa's countries that has half a billion mobile phones. Between USA and China there are strong conversations because of cybercrimes. And could you tell me about consequences of quickly introducing communication technology only in developing nations? (I need to have examples, arguments)

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    R H

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    May 1 2013: I would say that communication tech leads to greater communication which leads to greater democratization which leads to more freedom which leads to the problems the USA is facing today.
  • May 1 2013: Now you don't have to go to Paris London New York or wherever to talk to a wide variety of people who are intelligent or not. Why shouldn't someone in Kazakhstan enjoy current information and communication with a wide variety of people. Even a character from Texas or wherever Scott is from.
    • May 1 2013: I agree with you George - benefits of communication tech is fantastic. An individual will be given the opportunity to amplify their voice beyond what they could have thought possible before. Yet there are definitely consequences, because the information flows in both directions. As we saw with the Boston bombings, self-radicalization becomes easier. If someone wants to learn how to make dangerous weapons or educate themselves on radicalized versions of any religion or ideas, it becomes instantly easy with communication technology. So it really becomes a pro-cons balancing scale as to whether or not it is advantageous to introduce communication tech to a developing country. You can instantly educate an entire population via communication technology, but you will also get those who educate themselves through misinformed resources, radicalized sources, or various other things.
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    May 1 2013: people will be tempted to film themselves doing dumb sh!t and post photos of their cats..