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How do we reduce single use and disposable plastics in our package, production and supply streams and move towards a sustainable world?.

Our use of single use and disposable plastics has spiraled out of control.
Our Ocean has become a plastic soup.
How do we turn off the faucet and move away from this careless use of plastics?
How do we reduce disposable plastics and the exposure to the toxins that leach from these into our bodies and the environment and our Oceans?
We are looking for solutions...


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  • Apr 14 2011: There is some wonderful work being done with in the recycling of plastics at Penn. State University by Jim Garthe and others through the creation of "Plastofuel". They turn 2, 4, 6, and 7 plastic types (at this time) into pellets and other shapes that can be used on Korean and similar plastic burners to be harnessed as electricity.

    To address two questions folks will ask immdiately:
    -Carbon output is negligible for cetain types of plastics. One or two of them is noticeable but certainly nowhere near coal's.
    -This still leaves open the question of the consumer responsibly recycling plastic. However, if it is used as a fuel, I think power plant companies would offer incentive for giving your plastic to them.

    All the information is up on the web; google Plastofuel PSU Jim Garthe.

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