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How do we reduce single use and disposable plastics in our package, production and supply streams and move towards a sustainable world?.

Our use of single use and disposable plastics has spiraled out of control.
Our Ocean has become a plastic soup.
How do we turn off the faucet and move away from this careless use of plastics?
How do we reduce disposable plastics and the exposure to the toxins that leach from these into our bodies and the environment and our Oceans?
We are looking for solutions...


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  • Apr 6 2011: Well, there are two ends that need to make some changes. One of those ends is in our heads- We need to decide not to use certain products as they are intended by the companies who make them. And that is the other end. Companies need to be held responsible by the people who use their services and products to act responsibly.

    All of this requires real people, us, to come to a different understanding of how this world works. That includes the decisions we make in our work place, and what role we play there- examine the ramifications of the actions you yourself take to uphold the company and what impact it has, and also the choices we make in our homes.
    • Apr 12 2011: I agree, education of consumers and ammending the law to hold companies more responsible are the most important.

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