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Mr Brynjolfsson and Mr. Gordon talks are misleading

Mr Brynjolfsson is ignoring a basic fact, Mr. Gordon wants to change the greatest job creator in the history of the world.

What is important to know about job creation is that jobs are created by small business.

The life blood of business is cash. Investment allows small business to grow. The end of the cycle is caused by over investment.

Cycles are a fact of life, but the Keynesians don't think so which is part of the problem.

Investors are in the prediction business. When the rules of the game keep changing prediction becomes very difficult. Investors put their capital where it is treated best which is obviously not here.

Consider that Sabanes Oxley started in the early 2000's
The CRA came into full flatulence in the mid 2000's
To fix the goverment caused problem they offer us Frank Dodd which will be coming down the pike.
Obama Care was passed in 2009 which will have huge effects on the economy. (Think the UK only worse)

This type of government overreach was the very reason for the great depression.

Jobs will be created when the government stops abusing investors.

Additionally the most damaging government influence is the tax rate

This article illustrates the damaging effect of the tax rate. Not to the evil rich oligarchs or the nouveau riche (Bono) but to the workers, the middle class.



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    May 1 2013: The government that rules the least rules the best. Due to the feds putting more money into circulation the stock market again took off. With the feds owning millions of homes setting empty, the housing industry states gains. The claims that the job market has shown hiring gains ... the method of calculating this is suspect. Part time jobs with little or no benefits are reported instead of 40 hour employment with benefits. The to big to fail banks ... continue to be the center of the US problems. Socialist program that have become the millstone in the European Alliance is now poised to bring the states to their knees ... 28 states have declared that Obamacare will result in immediate bankruptcy. The Keynesian economics model is doing exactly what it is designed to do ... make big government and total dependence on that system.

    The EU countries that have placed the onus on the rich are seeing the money flee which in turn results in small business start ups impossable and existing small businesses to disappear .... the very backbone of the economy.

    We were given this lessen by Argentina in the early 1900's and yet fail to learn. We see this in the EU and fail to heed the warning.

    IMO, we are facing not only a recession but also a depression and massive inflation and could all arrive at the same time. The most powerful influence in all of this is the Fed. Combined stimuluses, printing of money, and the buying of acid loans (a effort to save banks at our expense) have put us on the very edge of disaster.

    Talks like this allow the sheeple to feel better about ordering another round of koolade.
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      May 1 2013: I don't disagree but I was having an argument on another forum of Keynesian verses conservative economics.

      I was hard pressed to produce some statistics that demonstrate that the Reagan tax cut produced economic growth as they said that the growth was from the spending of congress.

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