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Do you write letters on a regular basis? Is this an important habit to model for our children? How do we renew appreciation for letters?

What do you do in your family to encourage letter writing? Do you save letters, and if so, do you ever share and reread them? I would be interested in how others keep letter writing alive in the world.


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  • May 3 2013: Hi Laurie!
    I feel awful... I think the last time I wrote a letter was on my Mom's typewriter... I don't think I need to count the years.

    I live in the Netherlands, and a few years ago, all of our post offices shut down, ordered by the state. I live in a country with NO post offices. It's a bizarre idea, and one that makes me wonder where I am supposed to go to even mail a letter these days... Yes, there are mailboxes around, but they don't do me much good if I don't know where to buy a stamp.

    A friend of mine delivers mail, but main depots are closing down left and right, due to the lack of mail. Mail bags that used to be filled with hundreds of thousands of letters, are now filled with tens of thousands. Needless to say, she is grateful she still has a job.

    My daughter is showing me the importance of writing letters. She has just learned how to write, and is determined to write letters to her Grandma in America. And the best part is, she gets a letter back! Time to find out how to get some stamps... perhaps via internet?
    • May 6 2013: That is so interesting! I wonder how many other countries have gotten rid of post offices or made it more difficult to send a letter the old fashioned way. I'm glad that your daughter is excited about letters. She will treasure those letters from Grandma.

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