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Do you write letters on a regular basis? Is this an important habit to model for our children? How do we renew appreciation for letters?

What do you do in your family to encourage letter writing? Do you save letters, and if so, do you ever share and reread them? I would be interested in how others keep letter writing alive in the world.


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  • May 3 2013: I love writing letters. It certainly takes more time to write a letter than it does in writing emails, but it's clearly more meaningful. I do keep most of letters I’ve received from others so far, too—for they remind me of the feeling of “appreciation” I had at those very times. Anyway, I haven't tried anything to encourage my siblings to write letters just like the way I do.
    No need for persuasion.
    The value of writing letters with their hands is not appreciated unless they truly appreciate it.
    Just the way of doing it somehow draws their attention.
    With curiosity, they once mimic what I do and find it quite enjoyable to write and receive letters.

    I’ve seen some school teachers who force their students to write letters on every special occasion.
    Not only is it an ineffective way, but it’s also a devastating factor in the joy of writing letters.
    Just like studying math with the frowning look on one’s face, writing letters against one’s will would be the very thing that ruins the value of “doing it”.)
    • May 6 2013: I agree that people should not be forced to write letters, but there must be some way to get young people excited about doing it themselves, which sometimes involves the suggestion that they write a letter or card. Modeling letter writing as a parent and as a teacher is also important. Hopefully when people receive a heartfelt letter they want to reciprocate.

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