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Do you write letters on a regular basis? Is this an important habit to model for our children? How do we renew appreciation for letters?

What do you do in your family to encourage letter writing? Do you save letters, and if so, do you ever share and reread them? I would be interested in how others keep letter writing alive in the world.


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    May 2 2013: Yes, I write letters and make mail art. I think it is a peaceful and intimate way to tell someone they crossed your mind for more than a nano second. I still send Christmas cards hand written and most years hand made. I start in October. I have given classes in making mail art postcards and then sending them - with every technological advance we eat up more of our time - now we have none.
    The art of handwriting and expressing our selves in more than a short, limited amount of characters is important. Complete thoughts being processed from beginning to end.
    There is a charm and character to letters, cards and postcards never felt in emails and messages.
    • May 2 2013: That is so cool. I have also made my own holiday cards many times, and I have a number of friends who have designed postcards or decorated their letters and envelopes with art. In fact, I have kept hundreds of such letters and have been incorporating them into a blog called Life Letters. It's been amazing and fun to reread and enjoy all those old letters again.
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        May 3 2013: Have a friend who has used them to wallpaper her guest bathroom - you don't want to leave! She is one the ceiling now!

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