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Do you write letters on a regular basis? Is this an important habit to model for our children? How do we renew appreciation for letters?

What do you do in your family to encourage letter writing? Do you save letters, and if so, do you ever share and reread them? I would be interested in how others keep letter writing alive in the world.


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    May 1 2013: I grew up in a family culture of writing letters. My grandfather used to write letters to my mother every month. When he was very old and a bit senile, my mother still used to receive postcards from my granpa which contained almost gibberish. I witnessed my mom crying looking at these postcards secretly.
    I also came to know that most treasured of my mom's possessions is a bunch of fading letters that my dad used to write to her when he was staying away for work during the initial part of their marriage. I used to write to a cousin of mine, long, philosophical letters when I was adolescent. It helped my language skills.
    After emails came, I had few pen friends - some from overseas. I enjoyed writing to them and loved to get mails from them. I still remember to be writing to an American lady and developing a disembodied romance :) I feel sad to have lost a very good friend in her.
    I think letter writing is an artful communication that we are slowly forgetting.
    • May 1 2013: I like the word artful regarding letter writing. That is what I really love in a good letter, and I don't find it often in emails.

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