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Are you working with or have you started a local grassroots group to change the current election inequality of your state or district ?

Because of this economy many people i ask dont have the time to join a campain or a desire to support one because they dont have money for gas let alone a donation to a cause i need solutions if we cant get the poor to network better how can we start a campain to replace the current leaderhsips we dont want in leadership? what do you think everyone?

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    Apr 30 2013: Do you think the reason a poor person cannot be elected to office is because voters figure a poor person would be incapable of success in politics if they are not capable of success in personal wealth? I am asking if voters would vote for a non-wealthy candidate if one somehow managed to stay in the race? We might succeed at leveling the playing field only to discover that voters prefer "financially successful" candidates. Just a thought.
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    Apr 30 2013: It is about edjumication some will listen most will not no different than here.