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Are TEDsters bad at keeping on topic and if so is this a good thing?

We all know that we drift off sometimes, we find ourselves discussing things that the conversation was not created for.

Is it that everything is connected or are TEDsters simply having a problem keeping on topic?

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    Apr 7 2011: Maybe, Jimmy, the answers to TED conversation questions are more like mindmaps than linear threads. I think it is a good thing. In this format it is easy to skip over some answers if you choose to. You can findyour favourite commenters or get a good conversation going on ideas that arise unexpectedly.The questions satisfy different needs for different people. For some it is intellectual stimulation while for others it is social connection.
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      Apr 7 2011: The word Mindmaps made me think... someone is probably gonna map all of this, maybe it'll show up in a talk!