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Are youth in Asia today worried about rising cost of living and fewer jobs ? If yes, what are they doing to mitigate/resolve these problems?

Youth, particularly Generation Y, who have just graduated and have been working for a couple of years are perceived to be still very indifferent towards the financial challenges ahead of them.

My generation in Asia, feel that it is getting more and more difficult to accumulate the required amount of cash to enable a comfortable and stress free living.

If our perception is wrong, then, we would like to know the actions these youth are or will be taking to resolve this increasing tough financial challenge.

This question is posed to youth age between 23 - 35 and those living in South East Asia specifically and Asia generally.

Thank you

  • Apr 30 2013: Wait - is it relevant that this is a world-wide problem?- not just an Asian problem? Isn't this obvious from thermodynamics, Ricardo, Malthus, and biology 101?
    • Apr 30 2013: Yes, I agree, but Asian could be adopting a different approach to solve this problem which is getting increasingly more difficult to resolved. Hence, I am curious what are their action plans are.