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A microcontroller based switching system assisted with an intelligent on board diagnostics.

A microcontroller based switching system assisted with an intelligent on board diagnostics. It can be embedded with the camera power connections so as to reduce the troubles and problems caused by real time cameras. This system incorporates a simple microcontroller which will programmed to do a hard reboot whenever it is necessary. It uses digital I/O signals to operate the on board relays. Solid state relays which do an infinite number of switching action is being embedded. This system can reduce the time of recovery and can save time . It can be operated remotely by using basic html based system. This will be helpful during harsh environment and whenever a camera needs a hard reboot. The system is completely secure and weather proof. Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations.
Currently none of the real time cameras don’t have a remote hard reboot option .It’s been found that 70% of revenue loss is due to the camera failure, and the time taken for the technicians to reach the site for doing a hard reboot. A hard reboot physically means cutting of the power supply to the camera circuits letting the memory registers to get emptied from the junk values. This can be done remotely by using this device. A manual hard reboot is sometime can cause transient actions to the system, depending upon the way he/she unplug the live wires. Our Camera don’t have a dedicated power input line and it is integrated with the data lines. So for doing a hard reboot we need to unplug the entire slots. This can generate noise signals due to the random fluctuations of electrical signals .Due to this step like transitions Burst noises will be generated and can reduce the life span of microcontrollers used inside the device. This can be used in real time device switching and can be commanded by using telnet features.

  • May 7 2013: It contains built-in software for web servers, a FTP server, a FTP client and e-mail. The system will have an alarm and relay input. Depending on the internet Board Cameras, options can include motion detection, quality color picture, zoom and analog video output.
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      May 8 2013: yeah ....exactly and my system will have an on board diagnostics also . U have any experience with these kind of devices?