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A device which is capable of searching for a particular human among the 7 billion humans. It can be embedded into the latest mobile devices

My concept is about a device which can search for particular person using "HUMAN MATCH CODE" HMC.Imagine if you want to find your future life partner, we prays to god or wait for god to find a selection. My device will replace god from doing that match fixing. HMC and its carrier (device) will help to find out the match or the desired person. This device uses radio frequency systems to broadcast .This device works with aid of any social networking site or my own webservers. Making the current social networking sites as a real time system.

This concept can be incorporated to any social networking site with the aid of an embedded system.This device will act as a real time search engine which will be searching for your desired person while you enable this device.Its basically a radio broadcaster which sends out the radio frequency waves to find the suitable match code.while ordering this device the user have to create an account with the sellers website.Depending on the sign up process the device will broadcast a particular code called human match code (HMC) when it is online.when it finds out a positive reply the HMC will be exchanged between the users. The received code has to be registered on our website so as to find out the other code user.HMC will be unique number which will be stored into the device of user and user will only see the HMC if a positive match is there.The device uses microcontroller based system to operate the transceiver. I want organisations like facebook or google to help me out for developing this concept.
It will be an option in the next generation mobile phones ,just like Bluetooth or wifi .HMC is the key to my concept.My concept is never been designed and I want professionals to promote my concept. A concept which can open new era in the modern technology.


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    May 1 2013: Hi Varun, I have several questions about your idea/concept:
    1. Is there are real market value? That is, how is your concept any better than established partner match services online?
    2. Why would you use RFS for broadcasting instead of the internet?
    3. How do you deal with the privacy issue? For a user to put in all the data it requires a lot of trust in your company.
    4. Where is the 'need' for a global match up of partners? It worked just fine to find a partner within a tiny village back in history and often enough in present times.
    5. What is the 'perfect partner' for an individual?
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      May 1 2013: Dear Boas ,
      thanks for that questions.will answer each of ur Q
      1) yeah my concept will have HUGE potential in the market of social networking and matrimony sites ,especially countries like India.And the search range can be set by the user while signing up .The broadcast range of the device can be chosen also.I am thinking 3 models. a half kilometer range ,1 kilometer and 2 kilometer .

      2) My device is a radio broadcaster, and the concept HMC works with that only> internet cant be used for passing the HMC codes since the devices used in this concept is based on broadcasting techniques. I will reveal about the protocols used inside HMC after publishing the entire article in IEEE spectrum. This concept uses the Aid of internet for writing new hmc,communicating with the RBT(remote broadcast towers. etc).60% of the concept runs with the aid of internet but the key part will be using radio frequency.which will be embedded into the portable devices or can be made into a stand alone device. (like Bluetooth ,wifi etc)

      3)users has to sign up for this device by using Face book or any other social networking sites. The user information will be secured in the websites just like the of an online transaction. we do believe in online banking .same like that .Privacy of each user will be kept confidential since the each profile will be locked till a CONNECT command comes in and it deals with the magic of my HMC.

      4) it can be a town,regional search,state search,country search ,intercontinental search,depending on the users choice.(normally a person wont wish to connect with a person having different paramenters) and if both user needs and the Hmc so creatd will be finding it .

      5)our website will be providing a page where all the information has to be entered ,he/she has to fill it for the HMC generator algorithms to work in a fyn way /(other wise he/she will have a device which is enable with useless HMC).
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        May 1 2013: Hi Varun,
        let me restate some of my questions to be clearer about them:
        1) For what reason would I as a user prefer your service to any service already available on the web?
        2) What advantages does radio broadcaster have over the internet? The internet has a far higher infrastructure already available for general, fairly cheap use.
        3) I would be really worried giving away all my data to any company, especially when being ask for ALL of the data at once! There are several people out there that wouldnt like to share medical information for instance.
        4) Yes, but why do I NEED your service? It did work before without it, for a lot of people!
        5) This question was more of a philosophical nature: How can you determine someones perfect partner? I do not believe you will find a 100% accurate pattern for each individual world wide.
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          May 1 2013: you cant even compare my device with the services offered by online dating services. Currently fate/GOD is the guy who makes the match,the people who we will meet in the future and all ,with my device these process can be accelerated to a certain level .and My friend there is no such thing called PERFECT SYSTEM.My concept can be developed to greater end . Social networking site like facebook and google plus can figure this out . i am just putting forward a thought .And the article which i posted is making the confusion, i will be publishing the exact concept via IEEE spectrum.
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        May 1 2013: If it is available let me know. I would be glad to learn more about your idea. Please do not mistake my questions. They are simply concerns and questions on your short introduction given here.

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