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Safety Incentives...An incentive to under-report

One of my pet peeeves is companies that put Numbers before People....Now, I know this has been going on longer than most of us have been alive...But it's 2013!

Workers are afraid to report injuries because they don't want to cost themselves or their higher-ups their safety incentives or lower their bosses' Zero Harm numbers...This means that workers are not getitng the care they need, because no one knows they were injured, or have a chronic injury that's exacerbated by the work they did that day....This also means workers can't file for Compensation when they really need it because there is no paper trail.

I propose we eliminate Safety Incentives. It shouldn't take the allmighty dollar to promote a safe work environment...It's called the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and it's the law, and it's in place so you can go home to your family every night; THAT should be your incentive to work safely.

Like the title says....A Safety Incentive is just an Incentive to Under Report Injuries.


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    Apr 30 2013: It should be reported as then it can be fixed. The culture or mentality that says otherwise is a traitor to their people.

    On the other hand people who exploit this are equally no less treasonous.
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      Apr 30 2013: Unfortunately, the mentality says otherwise because there was a time where if a guy got hurt, that was it for him....There was no light duty, they were just disposed of. If we can erase that mentality, we could work towards fixing the problem. Ultimately though, as long there are numbers and money involved, the problem will always exist.

      What do you mean by exploiting this? I'm curious.
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        Apr 30 2013: I mean people who feign injury for easy street of which the numbers are increasing dramatically in the U.S.

        Going against the culture can cost you your job but...
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          Apr 30 2013: Ah, yes, those individuals....Thankfully, they almost always get caught, someone from work will see them wrestling with their dog, or the Insurance Company will have PI who catches them hauling shingles up a ladder, and they will be punished for the actions.

          But the real issue is getting people to look beyond numbers and incentives and report their injuries and more importantly, feel they CAN report their injuries or illnesses without fear of effecting anyone's numbers.

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