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Optimistic View of The Future

What would you describe as an optimistic view of the future for all mankind and the Earth in general? What does it inhabit? What holds for future generations and what should we do to make it so and how?

  • Apr 30 2013: I hope that humans can sustain the benefits gained from civilized life (technology, medicine, arts & literature, conveniences, etc.) without causing environmental damage that destroys future generations of us and the rich diversity of life on earth.

    I believe this can only be accomplished by a mainstream cultural shift from how we live presently.
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    Apr 30 2013: all the diseases that we know today are gone
    infinite lifespan
    almost total freedom of violence and theft
    no physical labor unless voluntary ("plant your own tomato" kind of hypes)
    any point of earth is within one hour reach from any other point, and travel is cheap
    no borders
    interplanetary travel is accessible to the masses
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    R H

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    Apr 30 2013: Perfect human harmony. Stewardship with the planet and universe for our descendants. Wisdom and grace triumphs over manipulation and force. Joy as a state of being. What should we do? There's nothing we can 'do'. It has to evolve. Our penchant for social failure will have to see its end. Maybe the costs of 'humanitarian efforts', welfare, and 'environmental protection' will become too great and we'll realize that we ultimately are our 'brother's keeper' for our own best interests. Then, history will look back at these times and consider them primitive, the state of consciousness before we became aware.
  • May 3 2013: In my own world, we live off of natural resources. Crime is at an all time low because money, exchange is no longer in existence. We do for each other with out the mindset that we need or should get something in return. No more big governments, federal governments. No more media lies, cover ups, distractions, our news people become reliable resources of information because they start to care more about educating the people and less about their own paychecks and entertainment.
    There's less mental/physical illness cases because pharmaceutical, biotech, food companies aren't pumping our children with drugs, vaccinations, steroids, fluoride and processed foods. The need for this diminishes with the idea of money.
    We can be our natural nomadic selves, no borders, no immigration/ green card nonsense. We do not allow labelled territories, cultures divide us, we become whole off the strength that we are all human beings.
    of course, there will always be bad people in the world, we can't help that, but they will no longer be in power, they will no longer be able to influence or control the people. Especially these sociopaths we have holding offices.
  • May 1 2013: Humans have not yet achieved civilization.
    That is a false belief that we have.
    To actually finally achieve it would be optimistic.
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    Apr 30 2013: Transhumanism ideologies involving heavy pragmatic and existential supplements in order to craft singularity of true equality (- all basic needs for human beings as global requirements. Basic needs: education, food, shelter and resources like the internet).
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    Apr 30 2013: It is tough to argue that Man is not on a downward spiral regarding quality of life. Optimism can only be logically constructed on the idea or reversal, revival, restoration, redirection, recovery, recognition, etc. (the prefix "re" signifies trying again). If we keep on the present course we can abandon all hope now. If people would humble themselves, pray, seek God's face, and turn from their wicked ways then our land would be healed. That is what we should do to make it better.
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    May 29 2013: I don't know. I guess war would be a thing of the past. Crime would be an anomaly. And people would be free to live their lives as they chose without interference from government or anyone else. People would be able to find jobs if they wanted to work. If not, then there would be an opportunity for other arrangements. But what that might be, I am not sure that I can determine without more.

    Society would be prosperous. And wealth would be 99% in the hands of the middle class. There would be a few rich people. And there would be a few poor people. But the biggest majority of everyone would have enough to at least survive. And 99% of that middle-class majority would control 99% of the National Wealth.

    That's a lot better than how things are today!

    Look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QPKKQnijnsM#t=0s
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    May 1 2013: It seems to me, Mat, that the most optimistic view would be to somehow eliminate crime, so that for example we would not have three million people in jail or prison here in the United States. But I tend to doubt we will ever eliminate crime, we the human race.
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    Apr 30 2013: .
    My answer:

    Humans quickly evolve a "new instinct" to detect Invalid Happiness to eliminate greed.

    (1) We will "be happy validly"!
    (without any invalid (harmful) happiness).
    (2) We inhabit our sustainable planet
    (Close to 10,000 years ago).
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    Apr 29 2013: Mats, welcome back. I have two questions for clarification. First, are you asking what people are optimistic about for the future? Like i might say that I am optimistic (but also, I think, entirely realistic) that my daughters will have stimulating careers? Second, what do you mean by the question "What does it inhabit?"
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      Apr 30 2013: Thank you, Fritzie. I am asking a little bit wider than that actually. I am asking what people think of when they think of an optimistic view of the future (for all mankind and Earth in general) and what their worldview inhabit or include. Perhaps I could rephrase the question a little better.
      • Apr 30 2013: But Mats that's the point - An optimistic -when compared to reality- viewpoint could be very negative.