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Can money really buy happiness?

Okay, so we have all heard this question before. I know that for a fact we're all told that money doesn't buy happiness. But when you actually think about it can it? With money you can buy so many things you want that could make you happy. But you can't buy the fundamentals in life. I just want people's opinions on this cause I always hear such contradicting answers.

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  • May 2 2013: Money cannot buy happiness, it can buy faux-happiness but that fades rapidly.

    Often it seems like those who live Spartan lives are the most happy, it seems to me because the things you own, eventually own you, as you try to keep up with trends and always seeing something a little better, a little sleeker, a little cooler than what you have.
    • May 2 2013: Hi Scott,
      I really like how you call it 'faux-happiness', what a good term!

      Besides the media, I wonder how big a role social media plays in us trying to keep up, and seeking something a little better, sleeker and cooler than what we already have...

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