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Can money really buy happiness?

Okay, so we have all heard this question before. I know that for a fact we're all told that money doesn't buy happiness. But when you actually think about it can it? With money you can buy so many things you want that could make you happy. But you can't buy the fundamentals in life. I just want people's opinions on this cause I always hear such contradicting answers.

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    Apr 29 2013: There is no place I am aware of that advertises "Buy Happiness Here" ... so by defination .... no impossiable.

    There must be thousands of veriables to this question.

    I would think that in most cases the more shallow the person is the greater the joy. Most lottery winners however have a sad story.

    Being given 100 million to do with as I please .... would put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces .... even mine as I watch the good it could do.

    As for wealth ... my family and I share good health, good times, bad times, and the knowledge that we are a family and there for each oither ... that is the bottom line.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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