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Can money really buy happiness?

Okay, so we have all heard this question before. I know that for a fact we're all told that money doesn't buy happiness. But when you actually think about it can it? With money you can buy so many things you want that could make you happy. But you can't buy the fundamentals in life. I just want people's opinions on this cause I always hear such contradicting answers.

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    Apr 29 2013: Not having money is stressful and makes life a grind. The first 3 layers of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - basic, safety and social needs require a certain quantity of money / resources to prevent stress / illness / death. The next layer - esteem may require the person to have more money / resources than most of their peers to enable their esteem to rise above that of others.

    Whether self Actualization requires excessive money depends upon the persons ability to overcome their ego. If a person only feels s/he has reached their full potential when they are richer or more powerful than most other people - they will have to wait until they are rich and powerful before they can be happy.

    Other people cross between esteem needs into self actualization by recognising the pointlessness of the ego and learn that money is not the main cause of happiness - rather good health, self respect, personal freedom, love, peace and charity within our community all contribute more to a sustained form of happiness.

    So, it really depends where you are on the pyramid and how you define reaching your full potential.
    • Apr 29 2013: I agree. I also think that different people will experience different happiness when they become rich. Some people will be able to quit their job and instead work on things they love, even create their own company. Others will start spending their money on lots of stuff, chasing their happiness. You can go to Hawaii only so many times before it stops being attractive. Eventually they will get bored of all of it and become depressed, experimenting with drugs, and experience depression.

      So I think it comes down to whether you are able to make good use of large amounts of money and find motivation to enjoy the money without excess and with a good purpose in your life that will keep you happy for rest of your life?

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        Apr 29 2013: Yes, what is that old saying "a fool and their money are easily parted".

        Money allows you to be free to spend your time as you wish - not on your basic needs. If you need little money to live well - you can live the rich life. Keep your costs low and enjoy your life.

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