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Can money really buy happiness?

Okay, so we have all heard this question before. I know that for a fact we're all told that money doesn't buy happiness. But when you actually think about it can it? With money you can buy so many things you want that could make you happy. But you can't buy the fundamentals in life. I just want people's opinions on this cause I always hear such contradicting answers.

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    Apr 28 2013: This question is debated since a very long time. Happiness in itself is an internal feeling. It's not material. Therefore, money can't buy it. But there are some conditions leading to that internal feeling. In fact, the fundamental needs should be satisfied. Studies have shown that, to that level, money can play a significant role in happiness. But when you have your fundamental needs satisfied, its role become less obvious. What determine the level of happiness, to that level, is society, family and more spiritual things.

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