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Is aging an inherited or acquired trait?

Aging, senescence and death have no direct survival benefit for the individual or his/her genes. Does this trait survive because it manifests itself after the reproductive years are over? Aging does not interfere with reproduction: so this allows this trait to survive. One can argue that the trait "cell death" has societal benefit, but this cannot explain it's persistence unless one uses teleological notions. Do all traits that manifest themselves after the reproductive years are over, tend to persist? Do elephants and tortoises have altered DNA's that promote longevity?


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  • Apr 29 2013: acquired trait.

    inheritance gives us the power to longevity and a blissful life.

    but our subconscious mind programmed with the so called Phenomenon simply retards the idea of longevity.

    elephants and tortoises are slow, generate lower tissue waste and are less stressed and hasty than humans. they might be able to feel emotions, but as far as age is concerned, they are not programmed with the idea of aging right from the point they are born.

    i guess they don't get tired of living ;)

    i am not really well conversed with the terms you put up, but this topic attracts my attention since i recently heard about a book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. that could help.

    as a final word, it seems to be an acquired trait.
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      Apr 29 2013: .
      It is acquired mainly via our ancestors' successful experiences.
      This is the most economical way for keeping our DNA alive.
      • Apr 29 2013: If success (longevity) is only measurable long long after reproductive years are over, why does the trait continue to exist? ... or is it just an accidental trait that has no adaptive value and is waiting to peter out. I may be mistaken but it seems to me that a trait must prolong or make more efficient the reproductive years to be adaptive and enhance reproduction of beings or their adapted genes. Mother Nature keeps so so many secrets.
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          Apr 30 2013:

          I would guess:

          The optimally economical life-span can be fed back to DNA
          through their young offspring being in reproductive age.


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