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Next Generation Self Generating Propulsion Vehicle:- AC propulsion.

Its an Idea, I had for the Past 5 years, and now I am busy creating it. With AC propulsion vehicle we will alleviate Energy Crisis, unemployment (creating mobile work Opportunity), Solve Transportation in Africa and developing Countries, we create a new efficient fossil fuel free propulsion system. Only problem is funding.



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  • Apr 29 2013: I'll try to understand it when I see it, but batteries have their problems too.
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      Apr 29 2013: I would love to describe it to you so that you could Comprehend my solution. But I need to create a prototype first. I have invested so much into this project. But due to lack funding it Stagnated. Its not patented so I am scared of revealing too much that would lead to me Loosing yet again. It would not be the First time. I loose out on an idea. So therefor I have been posting hints to my Idea for the Past 5 years on Various sites to corroborate my hypothesis. This is not the apex of my Innovation but the Stream that would lead to the sea of my wisdom gained through years of practical knowledge. I do agree with you with batteries. But with store energy, is a better solution that Horrifying Combustibles. Direct power is not the answer. More using the results and multiplying it to achieve the required power and energy. We need to think out of the box and not just in the box. We cannot improve on a system that have been exhausted centuries ago. Calling it sustainable. We should consider alternative in all Formats. This same system I have adopted to various new type of utility power. that would eradicated large windmills and solar array. Everything else we want to make smaller and more portable. But we stuck on alternative that is 50 years old. We are perfecting the system through awesome refinement from Mono Photovoltaic to Paint on. But we still using direct power and storing it large battery banks with high energy inverters that provide limited charge according to size battery pack. Using all forms of Alternative energy we can provide a continuous supply. My next generation alternative energy would provide so much power. it will release us from fossil fuel and nuclear power. Please feel free to comment on my http://www.ted.com/conversations/17976/creating_a_next_generation_pla.html. If you can catch a glimpse of my vision you would realise what I am creating is not just a fantasy. But funding is a problem therefor I have gone via Crowdfunding to achieve my Goal

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