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Next Generation Self Generating Propulsion Vehicle:- AC propulsion.

Its an Idea, I had for the Past 5 years, and now I am busy creating it. With AC propulsion vehicle we will alleviate Energy Crisis, unemployment (creating mobile work Opportunity), Solve Transportation in Africa and developing Countries, we create a new efficient fossil fuel free propulsion system. Only problem is funding.



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    Apr 28 2013: Hi ZX thank you again for your kind words. My technology I am proposing incorporates not just Solar. I understand technology different than the more educated and intellectual compatriots. I am far from educated. But I am a practicalist. I theorise my idea by creating it. I do not just come up with idea's but find scenarios that would make it possible. My new propulsion system will make DC power outdated as it self charging.
    No need for plug in that will still make us dependent on Energy Houses. My goal is to provide the World most especially Africa a chance to become there powerhouse. Through all the pain and death Africa's going through she must rise up from the Ashes a Strong and Powerful Continent. If its not my Innovation, but my inspiring words of encouragement. I have served my purpose of giving hope when there is none. When I propose this technology to many South African's they tell me it's impossible and only western technology will work in Africa. But it failed us. With continuous Fuel and Electric price hike they driving the last and Final Nails into our Coffins. The answers has been staring us in the face. If a simple and uneducated layman can discover this Propulsion system and have vision and goal to create a new Paradigm. What does it say about the creativity of the Rest of the World. They are so focused on bettering the same problem making it more efficient they did not consider trying a different method. Solar is not the only source of power available to us. We must use all type of power for propulsion. "By any means Necessary" I have been working on Petrol, Diesel and DC power Hysters... for the better part of my life. I have not only come up with one type of Propulsion system but several. I have used those experiments in all my innovation differently and holistically. If only People can see my Vision and My Passion to bring salvation to my continent. they would understand it not just rambling of a Madman but Selfless soul eager to Contribute!!

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