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Africa doesn't need food programs; it needs rainwater programs to alleviate drought.

To solve the problem in Africa we need to create a solution to the problem. The food never reach the intended people. Due to Corruption and Greedy individuals and Governments.


Closing Statement from Yusuf Mallie

What Africa and the World is the Generosity of Creative Innovation and Inventions. We must not only speak about change we must try our utmost to make life better. But solving the problems of Climate change. Not matter all our Food programs and good intentions but with Global Pandemic of Climate change. All this means nothing as we did not solve the problem or solve the problem of famine and drought, we only temporary alleviated the pain and suffering. We have to reverse the process but understanding the problem and factors dealing with the problem. Please read my article trying to solve the problem of the World, with waste management, energy creation, marine food for sustainability, water creation, employment, housing crisis and so much more. Feel free to participate in that conversation


We have to be more in tune with nature, we must try our utmost to live holistically and spiritually with nature. We are blessed free spirits have a human experience. We are not the destroyers, we are the caretakers of this Planet and reality.

Spread love and be loved and let that jubilant euphoria engulf you with eagerness to be Sustainable to repair our Reality.

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      Apr 28 2013: Thank you for your comment. But that is the Reality we live in. There's so much kind hearted people trying their utmost to aid Africa. But it never reaches the intended.
      If we use our ingenuity coupled with technology, we can create devices that would create Rain. We would alleviate the problem and give everyone a fighting chance.
      And this what Africa Deserve. A chance to cure its own Pains.
      Africa is a beautiful Continent filled with beautiful people. Humble People. Proud people. Honest People
      But Global warming is hurting us, It's affecting Africa more than any other continent due to ignorance, poverty and greed. Its fueling Corruption, turning us into Beggars, Thieves, and Monsters.
      We cannot educate a hungry child. But we can Feed a nation with aid of nature, Becoming self sufficient and Sustainable.
      Please Read my Solutions on the Next Generation African City.
      My Idea of an Oasis in the desert, My Golden City, My City of Energy. Let me know what you think.
      Thanks so much for the comment.
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          Apr 29 2013: http://www.ted.com/conversations/17976/creating_a_next_generation_pla.html
          I call it Plastic Hydrosaline Recycling Megawatt City.
          Effectively using Plastic, Rubber and Seawater in the Desert area creating an Oasis a Metropolis. I hope you enjoy the long read.
          I wrote another note/article to effectively dispose of Toxic and Nuclear waste and clearing the Oceans. Will post link on another conversation again.

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