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With growing internet penetration and large human capital Indians can influence world views via social networking sites.

Assume that half of India's population has an active Twitter account and they tweet/ retweet whatever is of concern to them. In the coming years, as an offshoot of globalization it is likely that these twitter account holders will have some of the world citizens as their followers. In the long run, after reading those tweets/ retweets at regular intervals there is a possibility that the citizens of the world would also get influenced by the Indian view. With a large potential to share ideas on social networking platforms (be it tweets, blogs, comments, likes or facebook shares) India can shape the world views in a big way in the near future.


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    Apr 28 2013: Yes, what you are saying is definitely a possibility.
    I am sure that the Indian influence is going get bigger, but I don't really like the idea of one country influencing majority of the world's views and I hope that that doesn't happen.

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