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What is the future of "western" education? How will knowledge be conveyed to the next generation of students?

Often times, I hear from teachers and educators about how technology has revolutionized the classroom. But what has this technology really done for us?

Yes, the classroom has gotten a little streamlined, with the capability to use computers to type up essays and etc. But as a student, I wouldn't say any of this is revolutionary. It only makes learning a little more convenient. The classroom model hasn't changed for decades, if not centuries. There's a teacher, or another knowledgeable individual, who instructs a group of students, who take notes and do activities/projects under the guidance of that individual. This classroom model has remained almost unaltered despite the development of radio, television, and other things that were to have expected to "revolutionize" and change the way how we educate students.

With this being said, what do you guys all think? Will the education system and classroom model change in the future? Or will it remain the same?


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  • Apr 29 2013: definitely agreed.

    technology is revolutionizing nothing in education.

    education, as far as i remember, is supposed to enrich a student's memory, cognition, IQ, EQ, logic, etc. but what is really happening? with computers, now westerners are not even able to do tables of simple maths on their own. they need to Google the weight of earth and are usually confused between 300m/s and 3lac m/s being lights velocity.

    i agree technology is important, but it has seriously hampered the student's development in terms of memory and cognition.

    what is the use of a method which paralyses the student neck down in terms of thinking and deducing logical solutions? what do we educate students for?

    now answering your question Ben:

    what do you guys all think? i think technology as a point of reference is fair and fine. but if students are made dependent on technology instead of the best computer they can ever have - their brains - they are seriously nech deep in trouble with respect to their thinking abilities.

    Will the education system and classroom model change in the future? it definitely will. up to a point where children will order water bottles sitting on their benches and get homework done using voice recognition programs.

    Or will it remain the same? if you look at how exponentially science has developed in the past 100 years, you would agree that the education system remaining same is least probable.

    cheers Ben Wang!! :)

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