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Is there good that is not based in knowledge and evil that is not based in ignorance?

Socrates said, "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance," but lately I've wondered if this in fact true. As of now, I have not been able to come up with examples that truly discredit it, and it seems a very plausible and elegant description. So I'm curious what theTED communities thoughts are.


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    • Apr 28 2013: It seems to me that using knowledge for evil isn't really basing the action in evil. The motivation is what makes something wrong, not the skill set involved.
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        Apr 30 2013: "The motivation makes the evil"?

        Pasting what I've said as reply to another person (and them talking a bit more):
        There ARE pretty twisted (Either "good" and "evil") people in the world, most of them are that way because of traumas, education (not a bad education. An education that, in the process, imbued in them adverse feelings about a lot of things.) and even as "stacked" effects from it.

        People are neither "good" or "evil', they are the better they can do, normally "evil" people just act disregard the consequences of their own acts (It can be with a twisted idea about the consequences), for them and others.
        They are the better to be "Successful" (Thoughts like "to be successful you have to crush others"), to be "Happy" ("You can be happy only when you are successful").

        So, deem people like "evil" is evil by itself, and deem yourself as "good" is just arrogance.
        There's the feelings of people, their education, their influence.

        Why would the "motivation" be evil if, in most cases, this motivation is a "result" of the influences that people suffer?
        Aren't they "good" (Assuming that the "good" you talk about is not the old selfish idea that deem people "unworthy" just because they think different.) in their own way?
        • May 1 2013: In this particular comment I stated it a bit too sweepingly, my bad. I meant that in the case of the misuse of knowledge it's not the knowledge itself that is evil but the actions which are likely motivated by ignorance.

          You're absolutely right that people aren't entirely good or evil, they will tend to do what they believe is the best thing to do. But if we believe in objective morality (which I do since in subjective morality there can be no wrong) then often times what a person believes is best is in truth one of the worst things they could be doing. So then they are behaving in an "evil" manner because of their own ignorance.
    • Apr 28 2013: As for the Solomon bit, I don't think he was talking about morals. He was talking about the uncertainties and hardships that come with knowledge, this isn't in any way applicable to good that is not based in knowledge. Thanks for commenting, by the way.
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        • Apr 29 2013: I thank you for your sincerity, you did help. And it's rare to find someone who so quickly admits they're wrong.

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