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Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to TED.com?

YES: because there are thousands of invisible geniuses out there. Let's bring their wisdom to the world! The TED crowd will quickly vote up the good ones.

NO: it will plunge the site into an ocean of mediocrity. The best thing about TED.com is that it's curated. Every talk is good. Don't turn it into youtube

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    Feb 24 2011: i say YES to the idea but with some regulations that i crystalized into a potential project that i call "TEDcollaborative " ,heres how i see it:

    -TEDcollaborative is new seperate project (the same concept like the TEDx initiative)
    -TEDcollaborative would have a definite theme ,and the speakers will be collaborators from all over the world .
    -the speakers would record their talk ,obeying the normal TED brilliant format,and upload it to a special page on TED.
    -after a screening process by TED adminstration to make sure that the talk follows the guidelines.it ll be available for the TED community to see it.
    -then all the talks will go through a voting process to choose the best talks that ill be the official talks of that specific TEDcollaborative event and then they become a TEDtalk

    why this project?
    -it ll give the opportiunity to those with great ideas but can never make it to the TED stage to have their voices heard.
    -it wont plunge the site with ocean of mediocrity as only a few selected talks will become a TED talk.
    -and of course you can never truly know if something will work or not until you try it.so i guess experimenting is the keyword heer.i also believe that there was alot of concerns about the TEDx project especially that TED gave their brand for others to use,but the project eventually proved to be a big success.

    some concerns:

    -there are other websites like youtube that ppl can share on what they have:i say that whats special about TED is its brilliant format,not just the exposure.

    -it ll be like video blogging:the solution for this lies in the guide lines and briefing on how to make it as much of a TED talk as possible.guidelines should include how the background should look like,the quality of recording,the posture of the speaker,...etc

    thats all : )

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