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Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to TED.com?

YES: because there are thousands of invisible geniuses out there. Let's bring their wisdom to the world! The TED crowd will quickly vote up the good ones.

NO: it will plunge the site into an ocean of mediocrity. The best thing about TED.com is that it's curated. Every talk is good. Don't turn it into youtube

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    Feb 20 2011: There is the TEDu that we had on the last TED conference. Yet, it is curated and from what I heard people spend a lot of time preparing for it. Not that a webtalk could not be spend a lot of time on, but wont have the same effect. I think the idea is a double edged sword. As of myself I think I'd be more on the "no" side. It is so amazing and awesome that TED is expanding and adding more features which help spread ideas, but this may be dangerous. We all know what user content one may find on youtube and I certainly dont want to see TED as becoming a sort of youtube.

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