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Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to TED.com?

YES: because there are thousands of invisible geniuses out there. Let's bring their wisdom to the world! The TED crowd will quickly vote up the good ones.

NO: it will plunge the site into an ocean of mediocrity. The best thing about TED.com is that it's curated. Every talk is good. Don't turn it into youtube

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    Feb 15 2011: In looking at this issue, I think you need to recognise that this could not in fact be anyone. The TEDx program for example limits sponsorship from organisations who deal in:
    *Adult-oriented products/services.
    It would be a step backward to allow uploads by individual or groups sponsored by these groups or putting messages that advocate their products or messages. In a situation where anyone can upload, there would need to be a base level of curation - there would be some rules and someone applying the rules.

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