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Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to TED.com?

YES: because there are thousands of invisible geniuses out there. Let's bring their wisdom to the world! The TED crowd will quickly vote up the good ones.

NO: it will plunge the site into an ocean of mediocrity. The best thing about TED.com is that it's curated. Every talk is good. Don't turn it into youtube

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    Feb 15 2011: I also stick to NO. There are many other places, where people can post their talks.

    However, adding the best ones via the "Best of the web" section is in my view a good idea. It may be interesting to develop some kind of recommendation system for those talks (i.e. a place to post links cumulating the amount of recommendations in an internal database - and when videos reach high levels, they can be considered to be added)

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