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Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to TED.com?

YES: because there are thousands of invisible geniuses out there. Let's bring their wisdom to the world! The TED crowd will quickly vote up the good ones.

NO: it will plunge the site into an ocean of mediocrity. The best thing about TED.com is that it's curated. Every talk is good. Don't turn it into youtube

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    Feb 15 2011: YES: I think it's a wonderful idea. There are many innovative people with great ideas, they should have a chance to share them.

    NO: The YouTube argument is valid up to a point. I'm quite certain no one will ever mistake TED for YouTube, but it's true that quality standards shouldn't be abandoned altogether. However, I think there might be a way in which you can make sure only appropriate material is uploaded and shared.

    You could post a number of minimum request regarding video and material quality. Afterwards, the anyone-can-upload TEDTalks can be reviewed by other members of the community; and if the score they obtain is low, a curator can see the talk and decide if it should remain on TED.com or not. And if not, they can always post it on YouTube :).

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