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From government to individuality, as a whole or as a group, how do we change for the better?

It seems that from religion to politics to star trek there's been a movement in humans to change for the better. what are the factors that promote change for the better? what are the base principles. what happens to one who doesn't change. why do some have a more difficult time then others?


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  • May 9 2013: First off in order for anyone to answer that question one must look at him or herself; know how they react in different social situations and based off their actions whether or not they would deem themselves as acting out of pure goodness, or out of selfishness. Once they figure themselves out its easier for them to know how they could use their abilities to creat change for the better, and if they do in fact are brave enough to share their ideas and abilities it is then that they can start making that first step in creating a change.

    You asked how we could change for the better? I'm not sure if there are specific principles, however in my opinion I think the first step would be to realize that there needs to be something to change, after that getting in the right frame of mind opens up the doors to many possibilities on how someone could go about making that change if necessary. The next step that I would impose is to get yourself informed as well as others. Once you have others on board then a domino effect can sprout into something great.

    As far as any difficulties I would definitlely have to include the impending lack of motivation, confidence, and the social scrutinization of others.

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