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From government to individuality, as a whole or as a group, how do we change for the better?

It seems that from religion to politics to star trek there's been a movement in humans to change for the better. what are the factors that promote change for the better? what are the base principles. what happens to one who doesn't change. why do some have a more difficult time then others?


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  • May 4 2013: We are kept apart from one another:
    by false beliefs, lies, deception.
    Parsing out value to people as though that makes sense, that we are not all valuable, deserving of equal rights and not really recognizing Human Needs as Human Rights.

    We then not only do not see the connections between us, we don't feel them, recognize them and let them guide us into answering the question we all face, "what shall I do?"

    Instead, we not only allow evil, we intentionally close our hearts to one another and then we can easily accept or tolerate collateral starvation, collateral poverty, collateral slavery, collateral crime, collateral greed and allow ourselves to be fooled into war and killing others.

    We walk past it every day. We read about it and watch it but never really acknowledge it because we are cut off from it. We even watch American soldiers kill from afar, just like a video game, while we allow the grooming of our minor children by those who will send them to kill and die.

    We have allowed others to separate us just as the Church has done for centuries where we burned others at the stake, publicly hung or tortured them, all by the use of separation. If you are not with us, then you are against us.

    This stratification is getting worse. Muslims, Christians and Jews, Americans and everyone else, and it all happens because we have allowed ourselves to lose our connections with humanity, no matter who they are, where they live, how they live or what they believe.

    Leaders symbolically tore down a wall that only served to fool everyone, while the more impenetrable wall was being built in all of us. Separated from ourselves and the truth within us, so that when we see, hear or learn the truth, it only finds a lie has usurped its seat in our innermost self, masquerading as the truth.

    We have to find our connections. Damn race, color, religion, politics, money, military, occupation.
    "In all the places we were hiding love, what was it we were thinking of?"
    Peter Gabriel

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