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From government to individuality, as a whole or as a group, how do we change for the better?

It seems that from religion to politics to star trek there's been a movement in humans to change for the better. what are the factors that promote change for the better? what are the base principles. what happens to one who doesn't change. why do some have a more difficult time then others?


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    May 3 2013: ...be aware towards that we are not mortal...the biggest and strongest fail to carry with the successors even...Now think of living in today; procuring and sourcing for the needs of today...there is abundance for all in nature...there was and there will be...

    ...be the part of that nature...

    ...be fearless and secured...stop doing head counts and binding in me and my...as everybody can be mine as anytime and anyone can leave that aura...

    Rest cheers !!! life has treasures of miracles and surprises within and it unfolds at right time...be open for all...come together with and for all...


    The Mindfood Chef

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