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Speaking or Typing?

Your opinion: Which is a better way for you to find an answer? Typing out the question, or asking the question face-to-face?

  • Apr 27 2013: Questions often can not be unambiguously phrased in a single query. Just ask a lawyer or an accountant something that you think is simple and see what you get.
    A conversation face to face will always trump a typed question
  • Apr 27 2013: Depends on the question and person, both asking and answering. I like typing.
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  • Apr 27 2013: asking a question face to face and typing it out, are both equally potent. like this question you have asked is typed, so it has a much wider audience. if you were to ask something to me directly, if you knew me, face to face would have been a go getter.

    typing involves a lot of uncertain variables. most of all being the inability to convey your question with the appropriate expressions. and secondly, the time lag for answering written communication is much more than a face to face talk.

    now, there are times where one cannot find the time to go directly to a sexologist due to hesitation or an author due to the distance and her unavailability, in which cases written media best serve the purpose.

    this can be a very easy conclusion: speaking is the best when the experts and time are available, and written is the best when the outcome is not urgent and the answerer, unavailable for a direct conversation.
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    Apr 27 2013: Personally, I feel like this depends on the situation.
    If I need a detailed answer now, I would much prefer to ask a person face to face. So he/she can interrupt me if I make a mistake or bring further questions in the conversation. For non-urgent answers, I would prefer texting someone a message and wait for their response.

    Though I would feel that this might have to do with our personality. I was just reading on survey on Teens' texting vs talking- 78% of teens preferred texting than calling people. Even though texting is convenient and easier to do when multitask, do you think it might eventually push one's personality into an introvert? Talking face-to-face is great for professional settings, but texting or emailing others might be better for introverted individuals.
  • Apr 27 2013: Depends. Isn't that fair?
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    Apr 27 2013: .My answer:
    "Face-to-face" is much, much better than "typing"!

    This is determined by our instincts.
    One of the instincts is "human's ultra-high accuracy".
    "Typing" can not meet the requirements for this accuracy.
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    Apr 27 2013: If I want to probe how one of my children is feeling about something, looking in his/her eyes so he/she can also look at mine is far superior to asking by email (typing). Face-to-face dominates by far for personal relationships. I much prefer teaching face to face than online, because the personal connection is a great advantage.

    If I have a question about an area in which I don't have face-to-face access to an expert, asking in writing is the only feasible option, so I would type. If I have a question and can ask it face-to-face, I cannot think of a situation in which I would choose instead to type.

    I type with two fingers, so using instant messaging or something like the scheduled hour long real time discussions about TED books doesn't work for me. Typing is far, far less fluent for me than speech, which adds to my great preference for face-to-face.