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Your beliefs on where Morality comes from?

C.S Lewis (Christian apologist) and Freud ("touchstone" to atheism) had opposing views on this topic, what are your views?


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  • Apr 30 2013: As we raise our children they go through different levels. First the civic level of obedience, then the moral level of being good and respected. Hopefully after that onto the spiritual level of love to the neighbour.
    (CS Lewis was also a reader of Swedenborg)

    Morality is inclusive of the entire human life with the 'neighbour' in societies. Thus moral truths relate to the things of every person's life in regard to companionship and social relations - to what is sincere and right, and to virtues of every kind. Moral good, which is human good itself, is the rational good according to which people live with other people as a brother, sister and companion. Moral life is to act well, sincerely and justly in all things; and moral wisdom consists in the practise of all the virtues which look to life and enter into it.

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