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If africa was not colonised,would we(africans) have this technology?

I ussually wonder if missionaries or colonialist never came to africa up to today,would i be herding in the bushes with no clothes?Would i have ever known what a mobile phone or internet is??Would i want to study so as to get a job???


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    May 1 2013: In your imagined what if did slavers come? If you are asking what would have happened if the entire continent was avoided for some reason, then I think yes you would have the same things , I think that the continent of Africa has a great number of powerful nations historically and that trade and innovation as well a scientific thought and human progress in general occur where humans exist, not humans exposed to missionaries, not humans colonized by Europeans, humans.I was reading last night about the 100 most important scientific discoveries of all time and the first was counting, its existence as supported by an artifact came from Africa, as did the earliest "calculator" Stop asking yourself questions that demean yourself,

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