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Should people use animals for their purposes, if it means the endangerment of fauna?

In 2010 World Wide Fund for Nature in its report `a living planet` stated that animal population decreased by 28% from 1970 to 2007. Especially tropical species suffered greatly: their population has decreased over 37 years by 60%. Many animal species are disappearing from indirect human impact on their lives. Animal world, being a part of the natural environment, which emerges as an intrinsic link in the chain of ecological systems, an essential component in the cycle of matter and energy of nature, actively influence to functioning of natural communities. The fauna has great economic significance as a source of food, industrial, technical, medical raw materials and other assets. Some species have great cultural, scientific, aesthetic, educational and therapeutic value. The fact is that a person involuntarily takes away the natural habitat and their foraging areas from animals. Other reasons of decreasing number of animals are deforestation, plowing of the steppes, desert reclamation, drying wetlands, contamination of rivers with industrial waste, pollution of the seas and the atmosphere. These actions destroy animals as fast as with a gun or poison traps. So, how do you think, should people use animals for their purposes if it means the endangerment of fauna? How people relate to animals in your country? Have you noticed cruelty to animals? If you have, where and for what type of animal? Is there any benefit from animals?


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  • Apr 28 2013: I was really astonished while reading your conversation. I find this question debatable, because there are different opinions that people can think of. First is that people should use animals for their own purposes like to kill them in order to make money or just eat their meats. Second is that animals are part of our lives and that is why we have to care about them as we care about ourselves. So, I think that humanity should grow more and more animals than hunting after them and pay much attention to their health, number, future generation. Additionally, I think that today we have lots of animals who are going to be disappeared forever yes? so we have to combine them together in one place such as "koryk" (you understand me) appropriately and increase their numbers, then we can extend them in other places.
    • Apr 28 2013: Thank you, Dana. I understood your word "koryk") You think that it is only one solution for this problem, yes? If you have another suggestions, please write. It will be very helpful for me. How do you think, is there substitutes for animals, for example instead of meat use vegetables( to be vegetarians)?
      • Apr 30 2013: Yes, I totally agree with you. But, your suggestion has some positive and negative aspects that have to mentioned. First of all, meat has lots of helpful and useful things that does not exist in any food and that are really neccessary for human and their health. Therefore, people have to eat them, even if rarely. As for advantages, this is for better side that we have some substitutes for meat as vegetables, fruits , etc. These foods make person look younger and provides human body with necessary vitamins)) That is only one positive that I can talk about))

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