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What does Obamacare really do and require?

Obamacare has a medicaid provision that would not apply in Texas because our governor thanks he can do better with state money than what our federal taxes are already set to pay for everyone else. This isn't the math I learned. Plus, this medicaid would apply to most seniors. If it works like normal medicaid it might save the average Texas senior $500.00 a month. Does anyone else know? Also,What do you know and want to share about Romney Obamacare? Okay Romney didn't want to claim this, but David Letterman suggested why would a governor who develped a health system that works not want to claim it? Okay - love it or hate it I want to know the truth. Maybe you trust politicians more than me, but I don't trust any of them. What does it really do? What are the rules? What do you really believe? Can you suggest any readible books outside of the propaganda whose titles that I have looked at on the net. Let's have some input - maybe we can all come up with something. All I've looked at so far suggests to me that the medicaid provisions could provide some real savings for older Americans.


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  • May 6 2013: Romney seemed to distance himself from the Obamacare link by stating that he thought it was a good state policy but not a national one. The full effect of this bill have yet to be realized. Remember the "vote it in so we can tell you what's in it" type statements that came out?

    The political impression of the bill is most likely far less accurate than what will actually come out when this bill is fully implemented. And yes, next year by this time, there will be a greater amount of interest in the bill as it goes into effect. Some of the components have gone into effect all ready, the low to no cost pieces which are easy to implement. Should be interesting to watch.

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