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What does Obamacare really do and require?

Obamacare has a medicaid provision that would not apply in Texas because our governor thanks he can do better with state money than what our federal taxes are already set to pay for everyone else. This isn't the math I learned. Plus, this medicaid would apply to most seniors. If it works like normal medicaid it might save the average Texas senior $500.00 a month. Does anyone else know? Also,What do you know and want to share about Romney Obamacare? Okay Romney didn't want to claim this, but David Letterman suggested why would a governor who develped a health system that works not want to claim it? Okay - love it or hate it I want to know the truth. Maybe you trust politicians more than me, but I don't trust any of them. What does it really do? What are the rules? What do you really believe? Can you suggest any readible books outside of the propaganda whose titles that I have looked at on the net. Let's have some input - maybe we can all come up with something. All I've looked at so far suggests to me that the medicaid provisions could provide some real savings for older Americans.


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    Apr 29 2013: It might be because you're searching for the term Obamacare, which is not the official name of the legislation. Search for The Affordable Care Act, and you'll get much more helpful information, including this government site that has a lot of detailed information: http://www.healthcare.gov/law/

    One thing to note: states are already starting to implement (or not!) the provisions of the ACA differently, so it could mean slightly different things depending on where you live. Ultimately, however, it means people will become responsible for their own health coverage. Some companies may continue to offer health insurance, or they may simply offer their employees a contribution that the employee may use to purchase insurance directly from the insurers through health exchanges.
    • Apr 30 2013: I did that too, but more help is always appreciated. Michael - I do think it's wild that there is so little there except the Nay Sayers. As you point out it seems really pretty conservative to me - at least it was when
      Mitt was gov. of Mass.
    • May 2 2013: Thanks again Michael. There seems to be less interest than I expected, but early next year I believe there will be a great deal and more specific scenatios will be discussed.

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