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Being sentient/functional at an old age and the fear of death within the individual (EDITED). Previously "How old is too old really?".


This question has been in my thoughts for quite some time now. I always wondered, at which point in a human being's life does he or she realizes that it's time to leave this plane of existence?

Say for example you reach 60, you're seasoned alright. Throughout your life, you performed very poor physical maintenance, you've been out of shape since forever and as a result you now suffer all types of diseases and physical illnesses. You're at a point where life, to you, consists of waking up and getting taken care of like a infant on daily basis. You're under many different types of medications, you can't perform any simple physical activity like walking and most of your needs must be tended to by someone else. Then suddenly, your condition gets worse and surgery is needed, or specialized help is needed in order to keep you alive.

Aside from your loved ones wanting to keep you alive, Isn't it selfish to put other people in tight financial situations just so you can almost mirror the life of a vegetable?


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    Apr 27 2013: I guess you are well under 60.
    I am 62 & fit, & , as a Christian, very happy to leave anytime God decides. This, however, is not a decision I would leave to politicians who already sanction the death of millions of babies per year.

    • Apr 28 2013: Peter I'm happy to hear that you're still kicking life really hard at that age. If you maintain your body and your mind, then live long and prosper, this doesn't apply to you. Let's not bring politics into this, this is about self consciousness and awareness of one's existence. The government has nothing to do with this topic, so let's please stay on track.
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        Apr 28 2013: So who makes the decision, & who says it's legal ?
        • Apr 28 2013: YOU make the decision. This is about making life choices for yourself. Not you specifically "Pat Law", but a human being in general. Who else is supposed to make a decision about YOUR life other than yourself?

          Do you let others tell you how to live your life? If so Mr. Law then this topic is not for you and you should let them respond for YOU. This topic is about the human being within, the mind behind the wheel of your existence. This has nothing to do with the laws of men. This is about making a life decision for yourself. No man has power over your own will.

          This is my perspective: I'm young, physically active and my mind is sharp. If I ever get to the point where I have to rely on others to make my life decisions for me, then I have no purpose in living. I hope to have a fulfilling life so that when I get older I have no regrets because I lived; there cannot be any fear of death in my mind whether I accomplished my life goals or not. I had my chance and I have to move on. If I can no longer do the things I enjoyed doing all my life on my own and my children are mentally strong and can carry themselves through their own lives, then my purpose on this earth is over. There is no need for me to linger because my time has passed and I have to accept it. I might be the part of the few who think like this, but I don't think it's fair for me to reach a point where I'm a financial/mental burden to my kids, because though they are born yet, I want the best for them. I want them to be able to focus all their thoughts on their lives and not have to worry about me and how I'm doing. My life is my life, and theirs is theirs. I want my children to have the least worries as possible in order for them to live their lives as they see fit and be the best that they can be without me holding them back. I want my children to achieve their full potential, whether I'm alive to see it or not.
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        Apr 29 2013: Jean my friend; you need to learn a lot about living before you start worrying about dying. The best months of my life were spent in traction, not knowing whether I would walk again, & frankly, not much bothered. I developed close relationships with my carers & loved the freedom from responsibility.
        Your outlook is very materialist. Check out this guy, Nick Vujicic; he's got no arms or legs. Doesn't bother him......

        Or a Gal called Joni Erikson; quadriplegic from teenage, & loving it. I can't imagine circumstances like you describe, & if they exist then it would be long after I was capable of personally doing anything about it. My children would never countenance any such action, especially of financial or 'nuisance' grounds. This life is very short, & is just a preparation for the next. We have neither to get too attached to it, nor dispense with it.

        • Apr 30 2013: I'm not sure how my outlook is materialist, but okay. As for my concern with death, it is part of existing, therefore I have to think about it. it's like avoiding unpaid bills, whether you like it or not, bills exist and you have to think about them and pay them. Your children, from their perspectives, and their lives will want you to be around so they will want to keep you alive. They will never object to pay the bills, but we both know that they could do without them. Realize that if they didn't have those bills they could have invested their money and existence into something greater that would benefit their lives. Remove the self from the equation at all times, and you'll see the perspective I need an opinion on.

          What would you do?
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        Apr 30 2013: I am intrigued that you can think of a better investment than attending to the needs of a sick dad. I would give my life for my children, but I would not give my life to enhance their finances. None of us could give a hoot what is in our bank, it is irrelevant. Loving & caring for people is what matters
        We live in a screwed-up materialist world; and you are right, ultimately people die because it costs too much to keep them alive. It happens all the time. That doesn't make it right.


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