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Being sentient/functional at an old age and the fear of death within the individual (EDITED). Previously "How old is too old really?".


This question has been in my thoughts for quite some time now. I always wondered, at which point in a human being's life does he or she realizes that it's time to leave this plane of existence?

Say for example you reach 60, you're seasoned alright. Throughout your life, you performed very poor physical maintenance, you've been out of shape since forever and as a result you now suffer all types of diseases and physical illnesses. You're at a point where life, to you, consists of waking up and getting taken care of like a infant on daily basis. You're under many different types of medications, you can't perform any simple physical activity like walking and most of your needs must be tended to by someone else. Then suddenly, your condition gets worse and surgery is needed, or specialized help is needed in order to keep you alive.

Aside from your loved ones wanting to keep you alive, Isn't it selfish to put other people in tight financial situations just so you can almost mirror the life of a vegetable?


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    • Apr 28 2013: I appreciate your input on this Don. If you haven't done so, I would suggest you take a little time and read some of my replies below to get a better picture of what I'm trying to discuss here. Your photo shows that you maintain a great posture so I'm going to go ahead assume that you too are still kicking life really hard, and to that, I say live on brother.

      I'm not too sure where the medical department falls into the scenario and question that I asked. All I'm asking is to put yourself in the shoes of the person in my third paragraph and give me an opinion. There isn't much data to be analyzed or processed. This is not a proposal for the elderly to be put down, this is merely an attempt at having a very hypothetical exchange of ideas, and not world facts. I'm 21, to answer your question.

      Here's my answer to my question: If I can no longer do the things I loved to do during my life, and my children are grown, focused and on track with their lives. There is no need for me to stay alive. We strive for survival, not personal survival, but the survival of our race. Whether I accomplish my dreams or not, I don't want to turn into a fragment of who I really am. I would let my family know that I was satisfied and grateful of my life and that I'm proud to have fathered my children, and watch them grow to become whatever they become and that whatever serious medical condition that may arise, there is no need for them to invest their mind/money/time into it, because I want to pass away, at peace with myself and the world. I'd request they respect my decision, for it is my life. The fear of death cannot be in my mind. I have accomplished the prime goal of every human which is to make sure that our race lives on and prospers. I don't know what it's like to be seasoned yet, obviously, but I feel that it can't be as lively as it is for me now at 21.

      What would you do in the shoes of the person of my third paragraph? would you be selfish and have your family worry so much?
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        • Apr 28 2013: Don, I read the text on your page, and I can also agree that Herb Foxwell is a swell gentlemen. Long live Herb Foxwell, and may he prosper in life. To be completely honest, again, what I just read from you has nothing to do with what I'm asking.

          It seems as though an unstoppable force has met an immovable object. I can't wait to get into a topic where we're both on the same page, and have a healthy exchange of ideas. I'm really having a hard time understanding how most of what you're typing applies to my topic, but like you said it's probably because you're older and much smarter than me. Your reasoning is going way above my head because I'm failing to decipher what your opinion is on being hypothetically incapacitated in the scenario written above. This topic doesn't seem to be working for both of us, as you're failing to provide me with a simple concrete opinion, and I'm failing to understand why I can't get the type of answers I'm aiming for.

          Peace, keep living and prosper.

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